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Dignity in europe

a dignified
of migrants!

What if Europe ensured a dignified reception of migrants, as soon as they enter the territory? It is up to us to demand respect for fundamental rights (food, health, housing, education and work) and greater solidarity between Member States!

If you have not yet signed the citizens’ initiative for a dignified reception of migrants in Europe,

it takes two minutes on the website of the European Commission : eci.ec.europa.eu

What are our objectives?

We need to collect 1 million signatures across Europe to make two very  concrete demands to the European Commission:

Make binding

in the Member States reception standards in terms of food, health, housing, education and work, which guarantee asylum seekers dignified living conditions, comparable throughout the Union.

Etablish a new mechanism

for the distribution of asylum seekers in the European Union, based on their free will and on effective solidarity between Member States (revise the Dublin Regulation)

Supporting our European Citizens’ Initiative will help to give voice to all those who defend the  principle of human dignity as one of the founding values of the European Union. Together, we will  be able to lobby for the enlargement and strengthening of the fundamental rights of migrants in  Europe and show our support to European associations working for the reception of migrants.

Make some noise !

On social networks, call to sign through #DignityInEurope, and discover the stories of the Initiative across Europe

Dignity in europe

Who are we ?

Supporting the European Citizens’ Initiative for a dignified reception of migrants means  responding to the humanist appeal launched by a group of students from the Rosa Parks  secondary school in Rennes in the autumn of 2021. A cry from the heart for the dignity of each person on the paths of exile towards the old continent!


Within the framework of an unprecedented participatory approach, the schoolchildren, affected by the conditions of reception of migrants in their country,  have convinced the  inhabitants of the city of Rennes to get involved at European level. Today, hundreds of  European citizens and representatives of associations have responded to the call of the City  of Rennes, the Maison internationale de Rennes and its partners (Maison de quartier  Villejean and MédiaParks), who are behind the European Citizens’ Initiative for a dignified reception of migrants.

Dignity in Europe

Join us !

The organisers’ group already brings together the major European  voices of international solidarity and citizen participation from seven Member States: France, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Greece,  Germany, Italy.


Dignity in europe

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